You already know Bison coolers keep beer cold. It’s like our thing. But our rotomolded coolers aren’t just one-trick ponies. Like a football player who plays both sides of the ball, a lady who can camp and glam it up, or an actor who doesn’t have to be typecast, if given the opportunity, Bison coolers will show their versatility. Have you thought about using them in these ways?

Use a Bison cooler for field dressing

You need something to transport the body in -- something that will keep it cold from the time you gut it in the field until you arrive at the taxidermist or butcher shop. (Sounds like a horror film, doesn’t it?) To keep wild game from becoming bacteria-ridden, hunters can field dress their kills and keep them on ice in a Bison cooler with the assurance that the meat will stay cool while it rests. It’s perfect for those of you who reach your limit on day one but don’t want to go home that soon.

Pro tip: Use a wheeled hauler to carry the body while it’s in the cooler.

Use a Bison cooler when you smoke meat

After you spent all the effort nurturing the brisket all day on the smoker, you don’t want to just pull it off and cut into it immediately. Hold it like the pros. No, not in your hands. That’s a fail video for another day. Wrap that brisket up with some foil or butcher paper and place it in a bed of towels in your Bison cooler and shut the lid. The cooler functions like a warming oven (The cooler warms... Confused yet?) to retain juices and improve the texture of the meat.

Bonus tip: Got a large turkey you want to marinate? Put in it the cooler to soak up all the flavors instead of filling an already full refrigerator with the bird.

Use a Bison cooler to keep food hot

Coolers are notorious for keeping things, well… cool. But they function just as well to keep things warm. Think of the insulation in your house. It keeps the inside air cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A cooler is just a miniature insulated house (although we don’t recommend living in one).

The wrapped, smoked meat mentioned in the previous section could easily be transported to a family potluck without drying out or cooling off in transit. Think of the applications for casseroles, turkeys, or soups during the holidays. Not only do Bison coolers keep food warm on the way to grandma’s house, but they keep spills inside your cooler rather than in the floorboard of your car.

Pro tip: Place a folded towel inside the cooler before putting a hot pan or dish in direct contact with the plastic. Let’s be smart, people.

Use a Bison cooler for dry storage in the off season

Not only do coolers keep temperatures in, but they also keep water and vermin out. Use your Bison cooler to store dry dog food in your pantry or dry towels on the boat. It can always return to its regular job later.

Pro tip: wash thoroughly with soap and water after the dog food and before the people food.

Use a Bison cooler as a wash basin at the campsite

Speaking of washing the cooler… why not use the cooler to do some washing? When the food inside the cooler has been eaten, transition it from functioning as food storage to functioning as a water basin. Wash dishes, clothes, pets, or people in the 150-quart Bison cooler. Probably best not to do them all in the same water, though. Boil some water over the campfire to heat the tap water you filled the cooler with. Add dish soap and get to washing.

We don’t want to brag or anything, but see?! Versatile.

You know you want one.