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Welcome to Bison Coolers, where you’ll find the best outdoors coolers on the market. These 5 day coolers are built for maximum ice retention and extreme durability. Bison Coolers are rotational molded (roto molded) ice coolers which have dense plastic walls that last season after season and thick insulation to ensure optimal ice retention. Whether you’re looking for an everyday cooler for an afternoon of fishing or tailgating, or a large camping cooler or hunting ice chest cooler, we have a size for you, including our popular 25 quart, 50 quart, 75 quart, 100 quart, and 150 quart sizes.

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The Brute SoftPak is tough as nails and keeps ice for up to 24 hours in 120 degree heat. It is the perfect beverrage cooler.Brute Box Ice Coolers are the best hunting coolers in AmericaFord Raptor parked on top of Brute Outdoors Cooler

Featured PostThe Best Personal Cooler Available!

So you think it’s absurd to pay $300 for a soft-sided personal cooler?  We agree.  That’s why Brute Outdoors is proud to offer the Brute Outdoors SoftPak for only $99!  It’s over $200 cheaper than the leading competitor and features durable Made in USA construction.  The SoftPak has enough capacity for a 12-pack and several pounds of ice.  With nearly an inch of insulation, it keeps your drinks frosty cold for up to 24 hours in 120 degree heat.  Worried that it’ll only last for a season or two?  Fear not because this heavy duty 1000-denier vinyl shell is tear resistant up to 375 pounds and UV protected to ensure it won’t fade!  Simply put, it's the best personal cooler available.

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Featured PostThe Best Hunting Cooler

Tired of using your old, stained hunting cooler with the busted hinges and latches? Having to check to make sure the lid is actually attached to the cooler is a grind. Those daily trips to the convenience store to buy more ice are even worse. It's time to toss your old hunting ice chest and invest in a Made in USA cooler that will keep your meat fresh and drinks cold season after season.

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Featured PostA Tough Cooler Worth The Money

We hear it a lot... "I could never spend that kind of money on a cooler". They're not cheap but we do pride ourselves in offering the best "bang for your buck". You're probably aware that our marine coolers include more insulation, true to size capacity, custom lid graphics, a built-in ruler and dual drain plugs, right? Did you know we're about $80 cheaper than the competition? Compare coolers with similar capacity levels and our fishing coolers are well over $100 cheaper on average! We give you the best cooler for the best price all while being Made in USA.

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