We participated in a truly unbiased cooler test with Backwoods Pursuit, a gear review blog. What does "unbiased" really mean? It means this test was 100% third-party; we didn't pay any money for the results, and we didn't provide any insights or tips. We simply shipped two coolers to compete with a host of our competitors. I must say, this was the most in-depth review test I have ever seen. The attention to detail and care in presenting the results were very impressive.

  Here at Bison, we have always been confident in the quality of our products. It's what has helped shape our identity. We wanted to feature the results of this test as our cooler was put to the test against some great names in the industry, including Yeti, RTIC, Pelican, and ORCA, to name a few. We are frequently asked by potential new customers, dealers, and industry professionals to list what makes us better or different from the competition. So, here's everything you need to know. I will highlight a few key points, but for a more in-depth review, please visit the article CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  One small but significant feature is our soft-touch, easy-to-use latches. Simply put, our latches are better and easier to use compared to our competitors. The bigger brands use hard rubber latches that you have to pull down over the latch area. Good luck if you have sensitive hands or if your little ones need to access the cooler while at the lake. With Yeti, RTIC, or ORCA, you'll have to get out of your chair to help them open it. 

  Another difference is the true-to-size volume. Many coolers advertise a larger volume than what you actually get, but we provide more volume per quart size than what we advertise.


  Drain plugs may seem like a mundane feature to point out, but all our larger coolers, starting from 50 quarts, 75 quarts, and 125 quarts, come with two drain holes. In contrast, most other brands may only provide two drains in their largest size. Why does that matter? After a long trip, imagine the challenge of draining 120 quarts of water through just one hole. With two drain holes, you can empty the cooler 70% faster, something you'll appreciate when it's time to wash and clean it out. Additionally, for those of you using our coolers for stationary needs, such as in a tiny home buildout or on a boat, our garden hose adapter offers two options for adding a built-in drainage hole. And truly our drain plugs are easier on the fingers to grip and turn. 

   The only correction, or rather clarification, I would like to make regarding the article concerns warranties. While we have a stated 5-year warranty, in reality, we are very liberal and customer-friendly. We often honor most hard cooler issues beyond the stated warranty period because we strive to create lifelong customers who love and support our brand. 

   Please check out the full test results, and we extend our gratitude to Backwoods Pursuit for including us in their review. Thank you for selecting Bison as the overall cooler choice. We are blushing with pride.