When you run or workout, you may wonder what drink will keep you hydrated. As the year ends and a new one is upon us, forming healthy habits can help us feel better and meet our goals soon. Water is the best choice for maintaining good health. 

It keeps you hydrated and doesn't contain any calories or unnecessary additives. Your body requires proper water intake to function properly, and being dehydrated can result in undesirable side effects. Read on to discover why you should drink more water and opt for a stainless-steel bottle over plastic. 

What you need to know about water consumption and why it is so important 

Dehydration can trigger mood changes, lead to unclear thinking, constipation, kidney stone, and cause your body to overheat. Drinking water can prevent you from becoming dehydrated and also help you manage your body weight. There are many benefits to increasing your daily water intake. 

Here are some reasons why you should drink more water: 

  •   Improve concentration and increase alertness 
  •  Increase physical performance
  •  Support your kidneys and keep them healthy
  •  Prevent headaches and mood swings 
  • Keeps your digestion system moving 
  • Boost metabolism and improve your complexion 

While there may be a wide variety of drink options that promise to keep you hydrated with added benefits, water should always be your first option if you're looking for something that will also benefit your health. The amount of water you should drink will depend on your level of activity and current physical health. 

The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies states that the recommended daily water intake for women is around 91 ounces, while men should drink approximately 125 ounces. If you find water too plain or boring, you can put fresh mint or sliced fruit like lemon wedges in your water to add flavor. 

Tips for increasing your water intake 

Whether you work in a physically strenuous environment or an air-conditioned office, drinking water every day is essential. Once you increase your water intake, building the habit is relatively straightforward. Start reaping the benefits of increasing your daily water intake by following these simple tips for staying hydrated. 

  • Keep a cup of water at your desk and refill it throughout the day 
  •  Buy a stainless water bottle that is easy to take when you're on the go 
  •  Opt for water over sugary drinks 
  •  Reduce calories by drinking water when eating out or during meals 
  • Add sliced fruit or mint to your water to improve the taste 
  • Space out your water consumption. Drink a cup first thing in the morning and with every meal. 
  •  Intake your fruit and vegetable intake 

Our Bison 32 oz. bottles are made to work as hard as you do. If you're tired of lugging around plastic or tossing empty plastic bottles rolling around in the backseat of your car, try our durable, stainless steel bottles. 

Stainless bottles vs. plastic bottles: What's the difference?

Want to increase your water intake and are interested in buying a water bottle that will help you build better habits? Every type, material, and size of water bottle seems to be out there. 

With so many options, choosing the best and reusable water bottle that is truly the best and safest option may seem difficult. You may opt for a plastic bottle because it's cheap and convenient, but you should consider the environmental implications and the impact it can have on your health. 

Here are some reasons why you should choose a stainless steel bottle over plastic:

Better for your health 

Plastics contain toxic chemicals, with one of the most well-known being Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA in plastic bottles may lead to hormonal imbalances or more serious concerns like metabolic diseases. Steel water bottles are better for your health and don't contain any harmful chemicals. 

More durable and recyclable 

Our planet and oceans are polluted with plastic bottles, food wrappers, and other packaging materials. Approximately 1.1 million marine creatures are killed annually by plastic waste that washes into the ocean. 

Decreasing plastic consumption drastically is essential for our environment's health and safety. Switching to stainless steel bottles is more sustainable and can last you a lifetime with the proper care. 

Keep beverages cold or hot 

Drinking hot water on a warm summer's day won't make you want to stay hydrated. Plastic bottles won't keep your drinks at the temperature you want, but a steel bottle with thermal insulation can keep your drinks cold or hot. 

Our Bison Water Bottles  are double-wall vacuum insulated and can maintain the temperature of your drink for hours. While reaching for a plastic bottle may be easier when you're in a pinch, investing in a steel water bottle is the best long-term solution.