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Top 5 College Tailgating Schools

August 31, 2022 2 min read

Top 5 College Tailgating Schools

College football fans know that attending the games is only half the fun, and getting in the headspace to cheer on your favorite team is part of what makes a loyal fanbase. Tailgating is a time-honored American tradition, and these five schools provide the best tailgating atmosphere in the country. 

1. Ole Miss Rebels

Located at the center of the University of Mississippi campus is The Grove, a 10-acre patch of oak tree-shaded grass that fills up every game day with cooler-filled tents and thousands of fans ready to cheer on the Rebels. 

Arguably the best tailgating team around, throw on your red and navy and join the party at Ole Miss!

2. Tennessee Vols

Few fanbases are as loyal as the Tennessee Volunteers, who show up every game day, ready to party, no matter how their team performs. 

The Vols tailgating parties, located right outside Neyland Stadium, are a sight, as everyone shows up in bright safety orange and white.

3. LSU Tigers

With amazing southern food and parties that start and end in the early morning, Tigers fans have tailgating down to a science. More than 65% of game-goers start tailgating five or more hours before the games even start. 

With a vibe you can only experience in the deep south, come party with the Tigers to experience Mardi Gras every game day. 

4. Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahoma fans are known for throwing a good party, full of calls of "Boomer and "Sooner," but Oklahoma tailgating is special for another reason. Aside from having some of the best BBQ in the state, one of the perks of tailgating at the University of Oklahoma is experiencing Heisman Park.

OU is tied with Ohio State and Notre Dame for having the most Heisman winners, which is why it's been dubbed "Heisman U." This proud history is on full display at the Oklahoma campus. 

5. Ohio State Buckeyes

Tailgaters at Ohio State are allowed to begin setting up for weekend game days two days in advance, so you know Buckeyes fans are ready to party! 

Rain or shine, you'll hear these tailgaters chanting O-H-I-O all weekend long.

Honorable Mention: Nebraska Huskers

Although they didn't make the top five, we couldn't finish this tailgating list without mentioning the Nebraska Cornhuskers. On game days, these tailgaters set up full-on tent cities outside of Memorial Stadium, so put on some red and join the party!

Tailgate Prep Tip

You'll need to be prepared if you're planning on tailgating at these schools (or any other). Before you fill up your Bison cooler with ice, layer the bottom with our CHILLIN' BREW™ ICEPAKS. Pour a thin layer of ice over the ice packs, fill your cooler with the food and drink of your choice, and cover with ice. 

This way, your cooler will hold ice all day long, no matter how many times it's opened, as you root for your team at the tailgate of your choice. 

Pro tip: our larger coolers are the perfect tailgating choice to give you and your friends plenty of room to store everything you need!