Bison Cooler Features

October 01, 2012

Having trouble telling the difference between coolers made by Bison Coolers, Igloo, Coleman or any other manufacturer?  Let us help set the record straight.  Our professional grade coolers are built stronger, keep ice longer and won't break the bank.  Why go through several low-end coolers over the course of just a few years when one Bison Cooler will not only last longer but just as important retain ice for longer!  During a recent heat wave in Texas, the Cub 55 Bison Cooler proved it truly is a  5 day cooler in 107 degree heat.  What other cooler company can say that?

Here's what differentiates our products from the competition.

  • One piece seamless rotomolded design for extreme durability
  • Up to 2" of refrigeration grade polyurethane foam insulation pressure injected in walls and lid for maximum ice retention
  • Highly durable 2" lid supports hundreds of pounds
  • Grab rails and rope handles for easy moving and convenience
  • Unique heavy duty rubber latches with hinge system compresses lid for a perfect seal
  • Neoprene gasket for sure tight seal
  • Drain plug makes draining quick and easy
  • Durable built-in hinges with stainless steed rod to ensure strength
  • Anti-skid rubber feet keep the cooler in place

For additional pictures visit our Gallery or go ahead and Shop for the last cooler you'll ever buy.  Thanks and we look forward to adding you to the list of satisfied Bison Coolers customers.

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