Be prepared for your next adventure!

Your American-made Bison Cooler has been with you everywhere.  Make sure it's ready for your next adventure.  Replacement parts are available for GEN1 or GEN2 Coolers. 

Please read below to ensure you order the correct parts. 

GEN1 Coolers were produced from 2012 to 2017.  These coolers had "Made in USA" embossed on the front and offset to the side.  The drain plugs had a red o-ring with two prongs on the end and screwed into a black housing.  Available sizes included 25 QT, 50 QT, 75 QT, 100 QT and 150 QT. 

GEN2 Coolers have been produced since late-2017.  These coolers have "Made in USA" centered on the very front of the cooler.  The drain plugs are larger and screw directly into the cooler.  Available sizes include 25 QT, 50 QT, 75 QT and 125 QT.