What is Roto-molding?

Rotational molding (roto) is an industrial production process used to create seamless hollow products. The hollow molds are filled with raw material then heated and slowly rotated along two axis. This constant rotation allows the softened material to evenly disperse through the mold. The process allows for even heavy wall thickness and beefed up corners to handle extra abuse.

How long will a Bison Cooler keep ice?

Ice retention is difficult to put in numbers due to the many variables that effect it. That being said, we have been able to achieve over a week of ice retention in our testing and have reported 10+ days of ice retention.

Can I lock up a Bison Cooler?

Absolutely, our heavy integrated handles double as secure locking point for a chain or cable. This method still allows the user to open and close the lid freely. In addition our dual integrated lock ports allow the user to secure their contents if necessary. There is also a recessed area on the lip of the cooler lid made to strap it down during transport.

How do I get replacement parts?

You paid good money for your cooler so we’re going to take great care of you. If you should ever need a replacement part for your Bison Cooler please contact us directly at Warranty@BisonCoolers.com and we will ship it to you free of charge.

What size Bison Cooler do you recommend?

All of our coolers are true to size meaning that you receive the full stated capacity unlike some of our competitors. Our 50 quart Bison Cooler makes the perfect companion for tailgating or quick getaways while the 150 quart is geared more for extended trips. Regardless of what size works best for you they all offer the same extreme durability and performance you should expect.

Where can I get a Bison Cooler?

You can find all of our retail partners via our dealers page. In addition all of our products are available directly from our online store and ship anywhere in the continental 48 states.

Are there any accessories available?

Our current accessory lineup is available through our online store. We are working hard every day to expand this lineup.

Is there anything I can do to help my Bison Cooler retain ice longer?

Several steps can help your cooler achieve longer ice retention. Keeping a cooler in a garage or outdoors means that your insulation is just as hot as the outside temperature. Tossing in one sacrificial ice bag prior to use will chill the insulation and allow for much longer ice retention. In addition to this, block ice is much slower to melt than regular ice. One additional recommendation is to minimize exposure of the cooler to direct sunlight. If you follow these simple steps, your cooler will retain ice longer.

What kind of warranty does Bison Cooler provide?

We’re so confident in our coolers that we offer a 5 year warranty from the date of purchase which protect you from manufacturer defects. You’ve seen our pictures and videos and are well aware of how tough and durable these coolers are.

Our warranty does not apply to damage caused by negligence, misuse, fire, accident or normal wear and tear (including scratches, dents, chips, discoloration due to usage or sunlight). Bison Coolers, LLC shall not be responsible for consequential, special or incidental damages arising out of a claim or due to the use of our cooler. Our limit of liability is the purchase amount of the cooler.

We reserve the right to change product models and designs. Coolers repaired or replaced under this limited warranty may or may not include these changes.

To make a warranty claim, cooler must be refunded directly to Bison Coolers, LLC in appropriate cardboard packaging, freight prepaid. Include a copy of the original sales receipt and Warranty Claim Number which can be obtained by calling 855-278-8355

Does Bison Coolers offer any discounts for active military and law enforcement?

Bison Coolers is thankful for the selfless service offered by our military, firefighters and police offers. As a token of our appreciation we offer a 15% discount on all Bison Coolers products with proof of active service. To qualify, please provide proof of military status, current employment or a .mil e-mail address. Please contact us at 855-278-8355 or e-mail us at support@bisoncoolers.com to order.