Check out the following six steps on how to make ice last longer in your roto-molded cooler.

This post will highlight some of the more popular tips and tricks that'll ensure your ice stays frozen longer.  When you're going off the grid for a period of time, ice retention is everything. Keeping ice longer for many is not an option, it's a requirement.  
Tips For keeping Ice Longer - Maximize Ice Retention In Your Cooler

To get the longest ice retention ratings you must pre-cool your Bison Cooler so there will be no melting out of the gate. This means longer adventures and cooler times when cold is adventure critical. When the cooler is not pre-cooled and you do put your ice inside it and you'll start to see some melting. This is common and due to the thick walls and insulation which keep cold temperatures.
Below is a list of some tips and tricks we've compiled to help when it comes maximizing the ice retention in your cooler.

6 Steps to take to make ice last longer:

1. Use block ice or dry ice when possible as they provide better ice retention. Pre-cool the ice chest for 24 hours.  Add enough ice to cool the walls and insulation. If you don't have access to either or, frozen water bottles also work well and can save you money.
2. Be sure you let ice pre-cool the cooler for a solid 24 hours before filling it with more ice and contents.
3. Use cold contents to keep the internal temperature lower. This has a significant impact on ice retention. 
4. Layer ice between the contents when possible and also fill the cooler to the very top. This will ensure less air circulation which causes melting in itself.  The less air, the better. 
4. If you're looking for even better ice retention, place Chillin' Brew Ice Packs at the top. This will force the cold air down and keep contents colder longer.
5. Reduce the frequency of opening your cooler as much as possible. On long adventures, this is critical so think before opening.   
6. Keep cooler out of direct sunlight whenever possible. Store in a shaded area or on the north facing side of a tree, blind, etc.
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Pre-cooling Tips To Make Ice Last Longer - Bison Coolers

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