We have some of the greatest pro staff and field staff on the planet, so we want you to get to know them. In this Pro Staff Spotlight, you'll get to know Casey and find out why we're glad he's on the team.

How did you find out about Bison Coolers?

I found out about Bison Coolers one random night with a buddy of mine. We looked them up and I was impressed from there on out. Applied for field staff that same evening.

What is your favorite thing about Bison Coolers products?

My favorite thing about Bison would have to be the family background and being a made in USA company. I like that it’s family owned and operated. I grew up around all these mom and pop stores and businesses and always want to be in support of them. Also, I've worked at a mom and pop store called NorCal surf shop for quite some time and still help out down there from time to time. I have the feeling Bison would be the same style.

How are you a Weekend Warrior? (How do you like to spend your weekends?)

Well, I have a crazy work schedule where I have every other weekend off, so my weekend off I try to stay pretty active whether I'm chasing around some waves to surf or taking pics of friends surfing.  I’m trying to get some fishing in as much as I can as well. Also getting my wifey to come out and have some fun, too. I should take her skiing soon. But also been playing a bit of golf and need to start shooting my bow again. Anything I can really do to be outdoors mostly and finish off with a cold one.

Where do you work hard? Why?

Well I work at a Water Quality Control Plant in SSF and work the night shift there. I like it because I'm one of those downstream users and I now know how the system works and what we do to keep our waters safe. So I work hard to stay awake and keep the bay a safer place. Probably wasn't something I’d ever think of doing before but I'm happy with it now!

Where do you play harder? Why?

I'd say I play harder mostly surfing and fishing. Growing up where I have, I've been lucky enough to use the ocean as my backyard. Always found my way there, either skating or riding a bike, I would always be surfing. And being able to fish as well off the boat docks my family has had a boat on forever, and now I've started to take on my own as well. Can’t wait ‘til the season opens back up or for some nice days to look for some striped bass.

Where do you wish you could play more?

I wish I could get some more warmer water surfing and exotic fishing in. Maybe some more snowboarding if it snows again soon. So many different things to wish for, maybe a trip to Alaska and Canada for some fishing, surfing, and snowboarding.

What story do you want to tell with your life? How is Bison helping?

Definitely that I lived everyday to the fullest. That I got to explore amazing places and surf, fish, hunt, camp, and more in those places. I love having my SoftPak Bison with me all the time and being able to become a part of the Prostaff. Wanting to support them helps to push for more exploring and great adventures all the time for me to share.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?

I got married that was pretty awesome!  Bali was a great time and pretty cool: awesome surf and fresh fish all the time for dinner. Honeymoon in Belize was cool, got to do stuff I wouldn't normally have done, and we saw a manatee while snorkeling. That was awesome.

What upcoming adventure are you looking forward to?

Coming up I will be going on a surf trip to Nicaragua so that'll be an exciting one. Can't wait to see what we have in store for some epic warm water waves and some pics to show. Hopefully get an adventure trip to Texas one of these days to see the Bison factory and meet the staff! Maybe do a bit of surfing and fishing out there as well!

What’s on your 30 by 30 list? 40 by 40? Bucket list?

Hmm my bucket list. That's a hard one.  I always wanted to do a boat trip to Mentawai, Alaska fishing trip, hunting trip out of state maybe, go on more road trip adventures with the wife. There's so much I can't even think of everything but mostly surf and fish everywhere.

What’s the weirdest way you’ve used your Bison?

Haven't had too many weird experiences with my Bison that I can remember but plenty of time for one to come. Maybe using my 100qt as a surfboard stand before. haha. I’ve mostly used it for camping, fishing, hunting! But I think I saw someone use it as an ice bath before and wanted to give that a try. haha.

If your Bison cooler could talk, what embarrassing story would it tell on you?

My SoftPak would probably tell on me for singing in the truck haha or some funny fishing stories from being on the boat for hours. Like at the lake running into trees while casting near shore or casting into a tree and lures getting hung up. haha. My 100 qt would probably tell me to stop trying to muscle a full cooler around by myself. haha.

If your Bison was a person, what kind of personality would it have?

Hopefully down to earth and up for anything. Energetic, happy, funny...