Top 5 Tips for Camping in Texas

Top 5 Tips for Camping in Texas

March 10, 2021

Team Bison's Advice for Maximum Enjoyment and Safety Outdoors

We don’t have to tell anyone how hot it is in Texas during the summer, but this great state does provide some great weather for enjoying the outdoors all year round. Whether you are accustomed to outdoor living or you are thinking about getting outdoors to camp, fish, hike or hunt for the first time, we at Bison recommend following these simple tips for safety and enjoyment of being in the wilderness.



Plan Ahead

It’s important to make a plan, if you are making camp alone, with a group or with your family and consider the equipment, supplies and accommodations you will need to take or make ready at your destination. You will absolutely need to consider the location and amenities no matter if  you will be spending time in a state park, private land or wild or primitive camping. 


Gear Up

Our hard cooler line is the perfect camping companion. The 50 QT is ideal for weekend trips but if you’re wanting to go off the grid for longer and need more capacity, the 75 QT would be a perfect fit for keeping drinks cold and food fresh. Planning to break away from your campsite but don’t have the space for a hard cooler? Our soft coolers are durable personal coolers with 24 hours of ice retention.


Be Prepared

Make a list and plan out the gear you might need for your trip in advance, there is great information and resources provided by Texas Parks & Wildlife on their website if you are considering camping at one of our great state parks, you may wish to purchase a pass for the year rather than daily fees.

Stay Hydrated

As far as staying hydrated, the 32 oz Bottle is the perfect tent to trail companion. We have all the gear you need for keeping your water and drinks cool, but you will need to bring the supplies for you or your group and of course what goes in must come out - so make sure you know where to go when nature calls. Dehydration is real if you are burning calories in the outdoors, you need about a quart of water an hour.


Be Aware

Texas is home to its fair share of venomous or troublesome critters not to mention poison ivy, so be aware of areas that these guys like to hang out...that grass might seem soft and inviting to lay on but chiggers and ants like it there too. It’s a good idea to bring a first aid kit and plenty of bug spray and know who to contact, where to go if a situation warrants some help.  

Have Fun

Don’t forget to have fun! You might be hiking, fishing or hunting to keep yourself occupied or simply wishing to enjoy nature as a break from your normal routine. No matter what your purpose or reason for getting out there, be safe and you can relax if you have prepared for weather conditions, needs and your surroundings.



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