So you've decided that you're tired of melted ice, broken hinges and replacing one low quality cooler after another? Congratulations! You've made the right decision investing in the best coolers on the market. We pride ourselves in durability and quality and are confident you'll be extremely satisfied with a Bison ice chest whether you're looking for a new camping cooler or hunting ice chest. Now the most important question is which 5 day cooler is right for you? Lucky for you, the best ice chests on the market are available in three sizes.

The Cub 55 Brute Box Cooler is the ultimate every day cooler. This ice chest is convenient and perfect for a weekend at the lake, hunting trip,

The best 5 day coolers on the market

tailgating at the big game, camping trip or any of your outdoor activities. This cooler was the focus of our ice retention test.
The Grizzly 90 Brute Box Cooler is your perfect all purpose boating or camping cooler. The 90 Quart is our midsize cooler and is better suited for longer trips than the 55 quart. It's the perfect solution for a week at the lake, longer hunting or camping trips, tailgating at the big game or any of your outdoor activities.
Going off the grid for a while? Need a large cooler for maximum ice retention? The Kodiak 155 Brute Box Cooler is the perfect hunting ice chest and the best large ice chest on the market. The Kodiak 155 is perfect for storing tons of meat and will easily keep it cold for 5 days or more during your long hunting trip. Due to the size of the this large cooler, it should easily retain more ice than the Cub 55 or Grizzly 90 ice chests. This is the must have ice chest for serious hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.
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