Meet Blake Rea, Bison Outdoor Coolers Pro Staff

I have always had a big passion for the outdoors and hunting.  Like most Texans, I grew up whitetail hunting. I enjoy waterfowl and turkey as well. The ultimate hunts for me however, are big game in the western states and Rocky Mountains. It is hard being a non resident, but I try to go hunt elk, mule deer, or sheep (if I am ever lucky enough to draw a tag) every year.

I travel everywhere for work and enjoy exploring this great country. I carry my camera with me to document the wildlife and wilderness I encounter. I have developed a passion for fishing. The travel also gives me an excuse to carry my flyrod with me everywhere I go. I keep a boat in the Galveston Bay and we try to get on the water as much as we can hunting redfish and seatrout.

I enjoy training for marathons and triathlons. I figured it was the best way to be in shape for my mountain elk hunts. I am not one to work out, unless I have a race or goal. If you are going to make goals why not make them huge. I am currently getting ready for Ironman Florida 140.3 in November.