Bison Outdoor Coolers Pro Staff

Bison Outdoors was made out of a passion for the outdoors and we’re proud to have a group of Pro-Staffers that share that same passion.  With various backgrounds and areas of expertise the Pro-Staff not only provides us with a wealth of knowledge but the ability to field test products in broad spectrum of environments.  So if you’re curious if a Bison Cooler will perform on an excursion to the north country, a gulf run for snapper, or a 5 day music fest the chances are they’ve already done it and the answer is yes.  After all….we didn’t pick these guy based on their looks, we picked them because they get the job done.

Brad Myers White Tail Extraordinare | Bison Coolers
Whitetail Extraordinare
Thomas Loa, Accomplished Bowhunter. Bison Coolers, best hunting cooler made in USA.
Accomplished Bowhunter
Jesse Morris, Killer Chef. Bison Coolers, Best Hunting Cooler Made in America
Killer Chef