He doesn’t need/want a tie. (That’s like giving a kid underwear as a present.) He’s not really a cologne or aftershave type guy. (It alerts the wildlife he’s coming for them.) You don’t know anything about buying tools to add to his collection. (He’s too picky, if you’re being honest.) Cash feels impersonal (and borders on sketchy). He buys his own sporting equipment. (Phew!) What’s left for you to possibly buy him for Christmas?


Go ahead. Breathe a sigh of relief. Then read the following list of gift ideas from Bison Coolers. All we ask is that you remember us while the smile spreads across his face as he opens the perfect gift.

A Cooler for Every Occasion

Ladies carry different purses for different occasions. People wear different shoes for different occasions. It’s really not a stretch to think the man in your life should have a cooler for various occasions.


A Customized Cooler for Every Passion

What makes him stand up and holler? What makes his eyes dance, his fingers twitch, and his energy level go from couch potato to Ironman? The answer to those questions will tell you a lot about his passion. Support what he loves by giving him a custom cooler that helps him express that passion. Bison custom cooler lids transform a great cooler into a great cooler that makes a statement. Make his cooler one of a kind with a lid that:

  • Displays his patriotism
  • Supports his hobby
  • Shows his company loyalty

If a pimped-out custom cooler doesn’t make him holler, then his holler-er is broken.


Cooler Accessories (a.k.a. The Bells and Whistles)

Maybe he already has a cooler. Maybe you want to give a gift that’s truly above and beyond (because you’re ready for him to put a ring on it, you owe him a big apology, or because you’re just feeling extra generous this year). Regardless of the circumstance, consider gifting him with some cooler accessories. (Accessories for coolers that actually are cooler than other accessories. Embrace the dual meaning. We do.)

  • The Bison Hauler makes getting your cooler from one location to another as simple as pulling a wagon… as opposed to trying to piggyback a refrigerator from the car to the waterfront. With wheels are durable enough for any terrain, the hauler works for any cooler, should you *insulted gasp* own another brand.
  • The Dry Goods Tray helps him keep chocolate chip cookies, bread, and the marshmallows for s’mores safe from becoming soggy in ice while simultaneously keeping them safe from melting in the sun. It’s custom-designed to fit on the interior lip of Bison coolers.
  • A Cooler Divider keeps his cooler organized: food separate from beer, breakfast separate from dinner, or Friday’s meal prep separate from Saturday’s. It’s a type A way to play.
  • Bison’s Security Strap is like a seatbelt for the cooler. It keeps it safely positioned in the bed of truck or on the back of an ATV. Better than that: it locks to keep hungry thieves and experienced bears from stealing somebody’s lunch.

cooler accessories


Drinks need special drinkware to maintain proper beverage temperature (whether that be cold or hot).

  • Vacuum-sealed, stainless steel growlers ensure his beer doesn’t get warm during the corn hole game.
  • Vacuum-sealed, stainless steel tumblers make sure his coffee doesn’t get cold on the way to work.

Bison Gear: the other cool stuff we sell

We’re primarily a cooler company, but we sell other cool stuff for the weekend warrior in your life, too.

  • Bison’s Chillin’ Chair is compact enough to fit most backpacks and virtually assembles itself. It’s the right size for a deer blind and comfortable enough for a backyard barbecue.
  • Bison Caps are a fun way for the man in your life to keep cool, keep the sun out of his eyes, or keep his bedhead hidden.
  • Who doesn’t need another t-shirt? Bison shirts brandish the brand as well as his personality. It’s a win-win (and he hasn’t worn holes in it yet).

tent chair, camping chair

Stocking Stuffers

Need some smaller items for stocking stuffers? That’s cool. (See? Embrace the double meaning!) We can do that, too.

That about covers it: coolers, clothing, furniture, accessories, and lids. What more could a guy ask for? Start shopping now.