Are you in the market for a professional grade cooler? What's the difference between Brute Outdoors and the competition? Simply put... just about everything. First, we provide the best hunting and camping ice chests on the market. Second, we offer top notch customer service. Most importantly, the best 5 day coolers on the market cost hundreds less than our competition. To put that in perspective, let me show you what you can save by purchasing a high quality Brute Box Cooler rather than a cooler from our competition that will break the bank.

The Cub 55 is available at Brute Outdoors for $199. The competition offers a 50 quart cooler for $329 which costs you $130 more! What can you get for $130? How about a charcoal grill to serve up your weekend hunt?

Club 55 Brute Box Cooler Savings

The Grizzly 90 is available at Brute Outdoors for $249.  Needless to say, the competition sells this cooler for significantly more.  In fact, they charge $399 for a 75 quart cooler!  What could you do with $150?  Wouldn't you rather have 750 12 gauge shotgun shells?  That's enough to take you shoot some clay and a few dove for several years.

Grizzly 90 Brute Box Cooler Savings

This may sound outrageous but the best is yet to come. The Kodiak 155 is available at Brute Outdoors for $349. This huge ice chest is perfect for storing several quartered deer, hog or any other game kill. This big cooler will keep your meat ice cold and fresh. The competition sells 155 quart coolers for $579!!! That's a total difference of $230! What can you do with $230? How about a new Remington 870 shotgun?

Kodiak 155 Brute Box Cooler Savings

The truth is, Brute Box coolers are the best ice chests on the market.  Whether you're looking for a new hunting, camping, tailgating or fishing cooler, there's a Brute Box for you.  Save your money on go with a cooler that will stand the test of time.  Click shop to purchase your very own cooler that retains ice for up to 5 days or more.