At Brute Outdoors we take pride in the fact that we offer our customers the very best coolers on the market. We build every Brute Box ice chest to withstand years of punishment in even the most demanding environments. Our new generation of Brute Box surpasses the previous generation models with improvements in durability, ice retention, fit and finish, and now an improved warranty. We decided the new cooler generation deserves a better warranty and that's why every made in USA Brute Box now comes with a full 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects from the date of purchase. Unlike the competition, our warranty covers parts that are most likely to wear out including latches, handles, rubber feet and drain plugs. Should you every need a replacement part just call us at 855-BRUTE55 and we will ship you a new one free of charge. If you're in the market for a new hunting ice chest or marine cooler, rest assured that we have a warranty that will protect your investment. Our goal is to not only provide you the best ice chest you'll ever own but the best customer service you've ever had.