Tired of using your old, stained hunting cooler with the busted hinges and latches? Having to check to make sure the lid is actually attached to the cooler is a grind. Those daily trips to the convenience store to buy more ice are even worse. It's time to toss your old hunting ice chest and invest in a Made in USA cooler that will keep your meat fresh and drinks cold season after season.

So what makes Brute Outdoors the best hunting coolers on the market? Simply put, American Craftsmanship. Designed and built by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen, they're loaded with features tailored towards hunters.

Our 2" walls and 3" lid ensure your meat won't spoil and avoids those annoying trips to buy more ice. Designed to go "off the grid", these 5-day coolers retain ice as good or better than any cooler on the market.

Dual drain plugs allow you to drain that bloody ice off the back of an SUV or truck without having to flip your cooler or ruin that fancy interior.

Custom lid graphics mean your cooler won't get mixed up with everyone else's cooler at deer camp busting that "I thought it was my cooler" story spewing from your buddy's mouth as he drinks one of your ice cold beers. Throw on one of our many custom camouflage patterns or a Thash.

With a hefty amount of ice and meat, that cooler can get heavy. Brute Outdoors offers open grab handles and rope handles allowing you to carry it by yourself or with a buddy. The Brute Hauler is a wagon on steroids to pull from field to camp across any terrain.

It's clear to see that our coolers were designed with hunters in mind. Proudly Made in USA and ready for your next hunting trip, the best hunting coolers on the market are Brute Outdoors' Brute Box Coolers.