So you think it’s absurd to pay $300 for a soft-sided personal cooler?  We agree.  That’s why Brute Outdoors is proud to offer the Brute Outdoors SoftPak for only $99!  It’s over $200 cheaper than the leading competitor and features durable Made in USA construction.  The SoftPak has enough capacity for a 12-pack and several pounds of ice.  With nearly an inch of insulation, it keeps your drinks frosty cold for up to 24 hours in 120 degree heat.  Worried that it’ll only last for a season or two?  Fear not because this heavy duty 1000-denier vinyl shell is tear resistant up to 375 pounds and UV protected to ensure it won’t fade!  Simply put, it's the best personal cooler available.

Need to keep a 6-pack cold for a week?  Buy a refrigerator.  Looking to hit the outdoors with your buddies and enjoy a few cold ones?  Buy a Brute Outdoors SoftPak Cooler.  Our competition may advertise that their personal ice chest holds “ice for days” but open it a few times and you’ll see it’s just a day cooler.

Save yourself over $200 and bring the SoftPak to the ballgame, concert, picnic, hunting blind or enjoy it while your kayak fishing, dove hunting, deer hunting or riding your ATV/UTV.  The Brute SoftPak handles it all!  Throw your gear in the built-in pocket, add your favorite accessories through the use of the built-in MOLLE webbing and use it every day!  It’s Made in USA, built to last and affordable!  Order today!