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At Bison we take pride in good, old fashioned American craftsmanship. Blood, sweat, and tears built this fine country and we’ve invested ours into designing and constructing the best coolers on American soil. Bison coolers are one of the top rated ice chests coolers on the market today so rest assured it’s an investment that you won’t regret.

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Bison Cooler, top rated ice chests coolers. Made in the USA

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Sizing Guide

Bison Coolers Size Guide. 25qt Coolers, 50qt Coolers, 75qt coolers, 100qt coolers and 150qt Coolers.

Bison Coolers, sizing guide

Bison Durable Coolers, Sizing Guide


Say goodbye to cracked coolers and broken latches. Our rotomolded ice chests feature a seamless, one-piece construction built for serious abuse. Throw it in the bed of your truck, cast off of it, drop it or use it as a seat.  Don’t worry, we like it.


Ditch the busted hinges!  Rest-assured our integrated, molded-in hinges are just about bullet proof.  Flush mount construction means you’ll quit catching your hinges on your truck bed and a full-length aluminum rod attaches your lid to the cooler body for life.


Premium ice chests cooler accessories you can count on when it comes to keeping your adventures as cool as can be. Easy to open. Hard to break. Our unique cantilever latch design for the legendary Bison coolers lets the cooler do the hard work compressing the lid for an air tight seal.  With a tested breaking point of over 170 pounds of force, these heavy duty latches are here for the long haul.  Premium cooler accessories that are American-made.


Our proprietary polyurethane foam insulation blend is designed for maximum ice retention.  Keep your food fresher and drinks colder with a Bison cooler.  Our 5-day coolers love the brutal summer heat.  You can thank us later for all the money you’ll save on ice.


Stand out from the crowd of coolers with custom lid graphics.  Made from heavy duty vinyl, these UV-resistant graphics stand the test of time and enable you to show off your favorite fishing, hunting, camo, or completely custom design.  We know custom.