Nicole Oliver | Bison Coolers | Pro Staff

From the time I was old enough to hold a fishing pole and shoot a gun, I've been in love with the outdoors. I was raised in a family who hunted and fished all year round, so it was no question that I would grow up doing the same. My dad, mom, and grandfather were the main people who taught me what I know today and instilled in me a heritage of faith, family, fishing and hunting. I was born and raised in Texas so I was able to participate in bow hunting, waterfowl, hog hunting, bow fishing, and overall fishing.  I just recently picked up fly fishing!

The best thing is that I get to share these experiences with my husband.  The outdoors to me is a way to enjoy God's creations and become stronger in my spiritual walk with Him. There's no other place I feel closer to Him than the outdoors. My goal for my social media accounts is to share the love of God through my passion for the outdoors. I want people to look at my page and be able to see God through me and in everything I do.

When I'm not hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or doing recreational activities like wake boarding, skiing, and working out, I am working at my daily job.  I am a speech and language therapist in the public school system. I mostly work with special needs children but also have regular education children as well. Being able to help these kiddos develop the communication skills they need to thrive and function is the most rewarding thing I've ever experienced. They are truly a light in my world, and I love them all so dearly!

I am one blessed woman to say the least, and it's even an extra blessing to be a part of Bison Coolers.