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Walker Carrell

Walker Carrell - Field Staff - Bison Coolers

I'm a 22 year old avid outdoors man from East Texas. I started out hunting and fishing with my grandfather when I was about 4 years old. As I got older the love, passion and obsession for the outdoors increased tremendously!

About 5 years ago I was introduced to duck hunting and I absolutely fell in love. There is a lot more that factors into it than going out and shooting ducks; such as scouting out multiple bodies of water to find were the ducks are, waking up extremely early, competing for your spot, finding and creating your own concealment, sitting or wading out in the harsh weather conditions, decoy placement, reading the birds to know when to call and not to call and knowing how to correctly identify the birds in flight. My favorite part about the whole process is right at day break before shoot time. There is just something about those cold crisp mornings, seeing the suns reflection off the water as the fog lifts above the decoy spread and seeing the silhouettes of ducks headed your way!

The 2015-2016 hunting season was the most memorable. A couple hunting buddies and I met up every single Saturday to hunt on our favorite public hunting spot. As the season progressed we engaged with other duck hunters, and observed the groups of fellow waterfowlers.  We met a lot of great people, however we noticed that there is a very low percentage of youth out in the field. So we started talking in our group about when we started hunting. Well there was a couple of us who didn't start hunting until they were able to provide the gear on their own or if a friend took them. The rest of the guys in our group were extremely privileged because their family members introduced hunting/ fishing to them at an early age. Thus we decided to create Close The Distance Outdoors. Our goal is to help provide the opportunity for youth in our community to become more involved in learning about hunting, fishing, gun safety, camping, wildlife or anything we can help them with relating to the great outdoors!





Walker Carrell - Successful Hunt
Walker Carrell - Bison Cooler - Hunting Setup