This week's Guest Blogger is Jen Brown with Jen Brown Photography.  She's a mother, wife, avid photographer and Bison Coolers fan.  

As a self-proclaimed ‘city girl’, I am not a hunter. Being that I am outnumbered in my family with three young boys, taking hikes with them is about as "outdoorsy" as I am willing to get. However, this non-hunter has a varied collection of Bison Cooler products that come in handy every day. Today I am sharing Five Ways Moms Use Bison Coolers.

Custom Laser Engraved Colored Bison Cooler Tumblers

1. One Word: Tumblers. Make it three words: Amazingly Awesome Tumblers. We own six tumblers, three of which are mine. I am very picky and will only drink water if the cup is filled with ice. Not with one or two cubes either. Filled with ice! That means if the ice melts, I typically dump the whole cup out and refill with ice and new water. Obviously, my pickiness leads to being wasteful. Luckily for me, these tumblers keep ice for an entire day, even two days. That means I can drink everything I pour, refill with more water, and enjoy ice cold water all day long. You might be thinking ‘So, it can keep ice in an air-conditioned home. That’s easy’. Well, I live in Texas and these tumblers have thoroughly impressed me by keeping ice frozen even when I leave it sitting in the in the middle of summer while I am out running errands! I use my tumbler almost every day!

Bison Bottles Perfect For Kids Sports

If I am not using the tumbler, then I am using my Bison Bottle. I go to an outdoor boot camp for my workouts and the summer heat will melt ice even at the 5am camps. I might as well not even attempt putting ice in a regular water bottle for the 9:30 am camp! Bison water bottles have absolutely no problem keeping the ice frozen and my water cold at any time I go work out.

Pink Bison Coolers SoftPak Kids Sports

2. Sporting Events. When I go to my sons’ sporting events I always have three things with me: my camera bag, a Bison Drinkware of some sort, and my Pink SoftPak. The soft pack keeps all the drinks and snacks cold with minimal amounts of ice. Actually I just toss a couple lunch box freezer packs in there and it works perfectly. When the time comes that I have all day tournaments, the SoftPak will come in handy as it will keep ice for an entire day and longer.

Pink Water Cooler By Bison Coolers

3. The Multi-use SofPak. Since we are on the topic of SoftPak, I use that thing in so many different ways. Our Pink SoftPak has been used to keep milk cold on long road trips as well as keeping prepped food frozen on those road trips to be transferred to the vacation home freezer. I have used the bag to keep birthday party ice cream and popsicles frozen for my son’s summer birthday pool parties. (This one always shocks me…frozen ice cream in the middle of a Texas summer?! Amazing!) Any time we head to the community pool for an extended period of time I pack the pink soft pack with all our food and drinks. I sometimes bring it with me for hitting up the grocery store and needing to keep things cold when I am not able to go straight home. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I also use it to keep food hot for pot luck BBQs. I feel like the soft pack is a little pink miracle.

Custom Robin Egg Blue Laser Engraved Bison Tumbler

4. Customization. One thing I love about the tumblers is they can be engraved. Five of the 6 tumblers we own are engraved. Each boy has their own personalized cup (which means no fighting!), one of mine has my monogram, and the fifth has my photography company logo emblazoned on the side. The MOMS Club that I am part of created our own design and made a group order which is a nice spin on having yet another group t-shirt. I am likely going to order engraved tumblers for my sons’ teachers as well. Gift giving, fundraising, promotional items…the possibilities are endless with customizing the tumblers and water bottles!  For small personal orders, check out Point Blank Precision.  For larger custom orders, email Bison Coolers at  

Bison Coolers Camping Ice Chest

5. Camping. Like I said, I am not all that outdoorsy. There are just too many bugs, spiders, and snakes out there! However, two of my three sons are in Cub Scouts, and being one of the den leaders means I am obligated to attend the family camp out. We packed up the 50 QT Bison Cooler with camping necessities (milk, juice & water at these camp outs even though there were times I wish we could have had some beer in there too!) and the ice lasted the entire three day trip. In fact, we dumped out the ice when we were packing up and when we got home the drinks were still so cold just from sitting in the cold cooler! The cooler is used on any family vacation whether it is camping or hanging out on the beach.

What are your mom-approved ways to use a Bison?

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