Article by Michael Fiorenza: Tournament Kayak Angler, Writer/Contributor at Saltwater Angler Magazine

What do you expect from a cooler?  What do you really need from a cooler?  What do you need and expect from a cooler company?  Let’s spend a minute or two and talk about how Bison Coolers can answer all of those questions for you.  I am guessing that if you are reading this blog, you are an avid outdoorsman, or on your journey to discover and seek out adventure while spending time outdoors.  Bison Coolers is a Texas company offering some of the best values in American made Hard Coolers, Soft Coolers, Hard Cases and Accessories that can flat out put up with anything you can dish out.  So what is the right gear for you? Here’s my perspective, as a Bison Field Staff Member, who regularly puts these coolers and accessories through the paces both for fun and while competing.

I need gear I can rely on and that performs, period.  I am a Kayak angler as well as a Kayak Tournament angler that loves being outdoors on the water in almost any weather condition, and while my needs from a cooler company may differ from yours, I hope this installment sheds some light on how Bison Coolers produces the gear I count on day in and day out both on and off the water.  

On a kayak I am thinking about every ounce I have to move as it will dictate how far I can go, and everything needs to serve a purpose.  I personally do not have a need for a large hard-side cooler on a kayak, capable of keeping everything cold or hot for days. In my world, the GEN 2 Coolers are reserved for relaxing, camping, traveling or being out on a boat.  On a kayak I am on the water short term hunting down fish and dragging gear around in the Texas marshes and freshwater lakes.  The soft side coolers are a must for me on hot sunny days while out on the water as well as cold winter days when I am out in the marsh putting in work and logging information.  My food and drinks stay cold all day, they are lightweight and compact, and I have literally dragged one of mine around for two years and it keeps asking for more. I have even been known to stuff fish in my 24-Can large SoftPak, it puts up with that as well and cleans out easily.

I use the 22oz Bison Tumbler out on the water as well, keeping my hydration ready and at arm’s reach all day long.  These two drinkware units are tough, and do very well in direct sunlight and heat as well.  I can tell you I have dropped them, kicked and sat on them, had fish on the deck of the kayak beating on them and if you are wondering how all of this can happen on a little plastic boat, you would be amazed what damage a 27’ Redfish can do to anything sitting on the deck of a kayak after landing an extremely angry fish in your lap.  

If I am out researching, filming and scouting new areas, you can also bet that right behind my seat is my Bison 1412 Hard Case holding my camera gear securely.  I rely on quality products that I can count on to protect my gear, and to date Bison Coolers gear has yet to let me down.

I hope that you gained some insight into how I personally use and rely on Bison Coolers and the gear they produce.  I am not easy on my gear as you can tell, it gets used constantly and in all conditions, but I am confident in its performance and that is one less thing I have to worry about when moments count, lessons are being learned, and memories made.  If it can put up year round with what I dish out, I am certain that the gear your journey or adventure requires is right here at Bison Coolers!

Team Member at Bison Coolers, Revant Optics, Kden Lures, Fishhide Sportswear, Texas Rattler.

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