Bison’s Pro-Staffers don’t just dabble in the outdoors; a significant part of their lives is spent in nature. They have put Bison products to the test in rugged environments and know how the products respond. So, to help you out before Christmas, we asked the Pro-Staffers to tell us about their favorite Bison products. You can trust their recommendations because they’re literally in the field with our products on a weekly (or daily) basis.


Mike Wilson, Army Veteran and Outdoorsman

Mike enjoys the outdoors so much, he started his own company. He has partnered with Bison ever since. One of his favorite Bison products is the Bison 50-quart cooler.

Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s hard to pick what my favorite is out of the Bison Coolers. My 50-qt. Gen2 literally goes everywhere with me in the back of my truck. I have two 20 oz. Gen 1 tumblers for the house and travel. I have a white 22 oz. Gen2 that travels and goes to work with me. I have a 12-can SoftPak that is always ready to grab and go. My 22 oz. Gen2 tumbler gets the most use. With it being spill proof, fitting perfectly into the cup holder of my truck, and looking very “elegant,” I can walk into a business meeting with whatever I take to drink and not feel like I have the ugly mug in the room. Besides that, the greatest thing I have from Bison is the friendship. Honestly, what started as just business has become a long distance friendship and family. I know that if I need J, E, or T they will take my call, answer my email, and genuinely want to help me succeed as a staff but also as a dealer.”


Nicole Oliver, Outdoorswoman Who Loves Hunting and Fishing

Nicole loves the outdoors because she feels closer to God when she’s surrounded by his creation. She works hard during the week as a speech and language therapist in the public schools and plays harder on the weekends hunting and fishing in any way possible.

She recommends the Bison 25-quart cooler:

“When it comes to choosing my favorite Bison product, it’s almost impossible! I love every single item I have. I will say though that the ones I use the most are the tumblers and the 25-qt. cooler! The tumblers are excellent for any trip you take, a lazy day around the house, or just to take to your everyday job. They’re durable, the lids don’t leak, and they keep your drink ice cold or hot for long periods of time! As for the 25-qt. cooler, I take this cooler with me on every hunting, fishing, and camping trip I go on. It’s perfect for drinks, food, and even to keep your small wild game cold! I’ve used mine for just about everything! Just last week I brought home bags full of duck breasts, specklebelly breasts, and a whole specklebelly that I will be getting mounted from Arkansas! It was the perfect cooler because I was able to store it in my SUV and it didn’t take up much space! When it comes to any product made by Bison you are getting high quality, long-lasting, and durable gear for an affordable price! I will be a Bison fan forever!”


Casey Smith, Outdoorsman and Surfer

Casey is a self-proclaimed “water kid” who loves surfing and crabbing and always has his fishing pole at the ready. His outdoor seaside adventures give him a unique perspective on Bison products. As someone who frequents the beach, he recommends the Bison sunglasses and the water bottle.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I usually don’t leave the house without my Bison shades and my water bottle! Sunglasses work great. Polarized makes them better. And I’ve gotta stay hydrated with the Bison bottle! I also always have my cooler with me, whether it’s the 24-pack softy or the 50-qt Bison! Never know when you’ll want a cold refreshing drink or need to keep some crabs, fish, or meat cold for the trip home!”


Meagan Flesch, Bird Dog Trainer

Meagan’s main goal in life is to help others. She just so happens to do that by training dogs to hunt, search, and rescue. Meagan and the dogs are outside together all the time. The Bison product she uses most often is the smallest tumbler Bison makes, the 12 oz. tumbler.

Here’s what she had to say about it:

“My favorite Bison product would have to be my 12 oz. tumbler. I use it every day! It’s the perfect size for a cup of coffee, cocoa, or a soda as well. I recently went camping and my cup was a lifesaver keeping my drinks hot in 30-degree weather.”


Barry Hoehne, Air Force Veteran and Tournament Angler

Thanks to his 22 years in the Air Force, Barry has been able to fish all over the world. Once he managed eight countries in two months. Whether it’s in tournaments or just for fun, Barry’s usually at a nearby fishing hole. He and his family fight over his Bison hoodie.

Here’s what he had to say about the situation:

“There’s not a Bison product I wouldn’t recommend! But I use two products most often ad neither and have ever failed me. The 22 oz. tumblers with the new screw on, spill proof lids are the best you’ll find anywhere, and these tumblers come in a variety of colors to match any military squadron, office, or favorite sports team colors! Also, the Bison Coolers hoodie is the softest fleece hoodie I own, and I own a lot! I had to buy more because if my wife doesn’t ‘borrow’ it, my kids are wearing it! Can’t go wrong with any of the Bison Cooler products!”

 Kendall Jones, Entrepreneur and Avid Hunter

Kendall is a bit of a social media celebrity. It didn’t start out as an encouraging experience, though. Now she uses the platform to support conservation and the 2nd Amendment and to speak out against bullying. She’s all girl, so the pink soft-sided cooler gets her vote as a favorite Bison product.

Here’s what she had to say about it:

“I love the Bison bag in pink that holds 24 cans and the next Gen 2 leak proof tumblers! The Bison cooler bag is super convenient on the go to take to the lake, on road trips, hunting camp and basically anywhere! I also use the tumblers daily for my coffee and ice cold water. Keeps my coffee hot for hours as well as my drinks stay cold all day! And not to mention with my clumsiness the leak proof design saves my life all the time!!”


Walker Carrell, Hunter and Fisher

After an exceptional duck hunting season, Walker and some friends decided to start an organization to help introduce youth in their community to the joys of hunting, fishing, camping, and the outdoors in general. Close The Distance Outdoors was born.

The early morning hunts make the Bison 64-oz. growler Walker’s go-to Bison product. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“Well, it’s hard to say which Bison Coolers product is my favorite (because they’re all awesome) but I think I can narrow it down to the one I use the most! I’m a big coffee drinker so my 64-oz. growler is great for storing hot coffee on those early morning hunts. It clips onto my backpack and I don’t have to worry about spilling everywhere because it’s leak proof! I can always count on my growler to keep my coffee nice and hot throughout my hunts.”


Shannon Swanson, Hunter and Fitness Professional

When Shannon’s not helping people recover from injury or illness, she’s aiming her bow at some unsuspecting Idaho game. Her love of fitness and the outdoors are the perfect motivators as an Occupational Therapist. She wants the people she works with to regain independence and to be able to get back outside.

Here’s what she had to say about one of Bison’s leak proof stainless steel tumblers:

“Besides loving my assortment of coolers, I would have to say that my favorite Bison product is the 22 oz. tumbler with the new leak proof design. I use mine everyday! From my morning coffee, to my daily ice water, and occasionally an evening cocktail, it is my go-to cup. There have been countless times that I have tipped it over in my car, at work, and even on the couch, but it does not leak. It’s truly an upgrade from the first generation tumblers that I had loved so much. I absolutely love them! Great work, Bison!”