"Growler...what the hell's a growler?" Those were the words I replied this morning when my buddy invited me to Craft and Growler in Dallas.   I learned that a growler is essentially a jug for beer and it didn't take more than that for me to decide it was a trip worth making.  Several microbreweries have popped up here in DFW over the last couple years, Peticolas, Deep Ellum, Lakewood, to name a few.  They all make terrific beer but not many of these operations have bottling capabilities.  That's where Craft and Growler comes in.  They sell and fill growlers with up to 30 different regional beers that you can't hardly find on store shelves.  Their growlers come in 16, 32, and 64 oz variety and range in shape and material.  One of the things that sets Craft and Growler apart from other brew pubs is their patent pending filling system.  Air is the enemy and will cause even the greatest of beers to go stale. Their system first fills the bottle with CO2 in order to evacuate the air, then they inject the beer from under the CO2 layer.  Once capped with an air tight seal and you have a growler that lasts much longer.  One thing is certain, growlers are going to become regular in my Brute Box.