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Tired of your favorite beverages losing their cool? Look no further! Bison BEVI Can Cooler is here to save the day (and your thirst) with its versatile design that embraces bottles and cans of many shapes and sizes.

What sets this Can Cooler apart is its integrated can opener. No more searching for a separate opener or struggling with traditional can openers. With a simple and efficient mechanism, you can effortlessly open your canned beverages while enjoying the convenience of having everything you need in one place.The Bison BEVI is about to become your beverage's best buddy!

This Seafoam color is pearlized glitter finish refers to a coating that combines the shimmering effect of glitter with a pearlescent sheen. When exposed to sunlight, this finish displays a rainbow hue, creating a captivating and dynamic appearance. However, despite its dazzling aesthetic, the finish is remarkably durable, comparable to a tough powder coat. Its resilient nature ensures long-lasting protection and resistance against scratches, chips, and general wear and tear. 

  • Easy to Fit Seven Bottle and Can Tapers
  • Durable 18/8 stainless steel construction
  • Double wall vacuum insulated
  • Bottom built in bottle opener
  • Keeps cold for hours
  • Sweat proof design
  • Threaded removable bottom for cleaning
  • Rubber bottom ring stop the cling clang of your beverages on all surfaces.
  • Non printed Bevi are top Shelf Dishwater safe.
  • Recommend hand wash the crew top lid.

We are proud to make our Hard coolers and Soft coolers in the USA

Our Drinkware is imported, but in fact ALL stainless steal, double walled, vacuum sealed drinkware from all brands are imported. So there is no such thing as a USA tumbler it doesn'texist.

*We do go the extra mile by printing, assembling and finishing the drinkware in our Ft Worth Texas facility and because of that we are able to hire more workers here in Texas to work that process. 

Why all Tumblers are Not Made in The USA?

1. The raw material of stainless steel. China has the biggest production output for stainless steel material so that they have the most competitive cost.

2. Lack of skill manufacturing engineer and workers. The stainless steel manufacturing production relies on a lot of workers and experienced engineers. Although automation equipment can replace workers but it needs big investment at the beginning and big volume order quantities to support the constant production.

3. Strict environment policy. The stainless steel tumbler is reusable, environmental- and eco-friendly. But the manufacturing process related to plating, electrolysis, polishing and painting all have pollution, which is not accepted in the USA.

In short, there can be no stainless steel tumblers made in the United States because

  • labor
  • cost
  • efficiency
  • environment factors.

This is why all Tumblers are made in other countries except the United States.