We've all been there. Long hike, get back to camp, collapse in a camp chair and reach inside the beverage cooler only to find melted ice and lukewarm beer. Is there anything more disappointing than a warm beer? Yes. A beer cooler that doesn't live up to its name. Obviously, if you're there to camp, which is generally more than a night or two (otherwise it would be called a day trip, right?) it would seem to make sense that the cooler you depend upon to keep foods cool, your beer cold and your ice...well... icy, should do its job for the duration of your outdoor trip. If it doesn't, you need a better cooler. You need a Bison (formerly Brute).

 A Bison food and drink cooler is simply the best cooler made in the USA. Rotational molded, the Bison cooler is built with maximum ice retention in mind and will keep ice solid for 5 days. The durability of the Bison coolers is also unsurpassed and can withstand whatever an outdoor bully can throw at it during your fishing, hunting, boating, camping or tailgating trip. We call it 'The Ultimate Outdoor Cooler'. You can even customize your Brute with your name, initials or personal mantra to make it an more enviable possession. Your tailgating buddies will be sure to be checking it out. By the way, every one of our outdoor coolers is built here in the good ol' USA and because of design improvements we now offer a 5 year warranty which covers all those little components that don't seem so little when they don't work they way they are supposed to. We cover those parts that are most likely to wear out like the handles, latches, the rubber feet and the drain plug too. Just call us and we'll replace it. Why? Because we never want to be like that warm beer and disappoint you right when you need us most.